DSC_5948The Law Offices of Darren O’Quinn prides itself on accepting and vigorously prosecuting only those cases that are meritorious. When lives have been lost, harms and losses sustained, and unfair advantage taken, every person has the right to make the careless parties who caused them to accept responsibility. Mr. O’Quinn will personally prosecute your case and help you through the process of recovering for the harms and losses caused to you and your loved ones.

Mr. O’Quinn, who is also a pharmacist, began his legal career with a practice that emphasized the defense of doctors, hospitals, nurses, pharmacists, nursing homes, and insurers. After 15 years in that practice, Mr. O’Quinn founded The Law Offices of Darren O’Quinn where he began to prosecute the types of cases he formerly defended. Through his over 30 years of experience in both defending and prosecuting these types of cases, Mr. O’Quinn has gained valuable insight into successfully screening and aggressively preparing cases for trial so that, ultimately, a careless wrongdoer will accept responsibility for the harms and losses caused to an innocent victim. He routinely consults and associates with attorneys from all over the United States and has obtained numerous seven-figure recoveries for his clients. In his free time, Mr. O’Quinn trains for and runs marathons.